FDOC Changing Visitation Rule:
2 days a Month For a Minimum of 2 hr per day.

Jewie Tryon
United States

MAR 3, 2018 — The FDOC had cut even deeper still with a new proposed rule change to the Chapter 33 Visiting Rules. You can see this by going to:

Sec 2 (b) reads as follows: “Inmates shall be provided, subject to any disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed, a MINIMUM of TWO days PER MONTH consisting of no less than two hours each, during which time they are permitted to visit”
The Rule change speaks of nothing about every other weekend or the 90 day review period.
We must stand up against this today!

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33-601.722 : Visiting Schedule - Florida Administrative Rules, Law, Code, Register - FAC, FAR, eRulemaking
Florida Department of State and Division of Library and Information Services