Don’t know how long it’s been going on but do know that about 1,000 inmates at Avon Park C. I. in Polk County have been and are still being overcharged by .5% sales tax on every purchase they make from the Canteen.  One very astute offender recognized the error and wrote a grievance about this violation.  He received a response that erroneously stated the sales tax is 7 1/2% in Polk County when it is actually 7%.

We filed a tax violation with the Florida Dept. of Revenue along with supporting documentation and informed Warden Tina Roberts of this violation. She responded that she’d report this to the Contractor.

What about ramifications?   How many customers have been impacted? Will refunds be forthcoming to all who have overpaid?  Will they be retroactive? What about visitors who have purchased items that are already grossly over-priced before the unlawful tax is calculated.

We will post the report once the investigation is complete.  In the meantime, check to make sure this is not happening at your friend or loved one’s  facility.