Florida Senate - 2017                 CS for SB 458
 By the Committee on Appropriations;and Sen.Brandes & Sen.Rouson
  Senator Brandes                   Senator Rouson

Sen. Jeff Brandes                                       Sen. Darryl Rouson
(850) 487-5024                                          (850) 487-5019

576-03495-17                                                                                                                      2017458c1


1                         A bill to be entitled
2                        An act relating to the Florida Criminal Justice Reform
3                        Task Force; creating the task force within the
4                        legislative branch; specifying membership of the task
5                        force; establishing the manner of appointments and the
6                        terms of membership; prescribing duties of the task
7                        force; specifying requirements for meetings of the
8                        task force; requiring the task force to submit a
9                        report to the Legislature by a specified date;
10                      providing for staffing; specifying public records and
11                       public meetings requirements applicable to the task
12                      force; authorizing reimbursement for per diem and
13                      travel expenses; providing for expiration; providing
14                      an effective date.

View and track the entire Bill at:  https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2017/458/BillText/c1/HTML